Florida Couple Arrested After Gun Is Pulled During Argument Over Broken Sex Toy

Photo: IPGGutenbergUKLtd (Getty)

If the cops would have shown up sooner, there might have been two loaded guns at the scene of this one.

According to TCPalm, a 25-year-old Fort Pierce woman and her 48-year-old husband were arrested last week after an argument over a busted sex toy got way out of hand when a handgun suddenly became involved.

sex toy

Christerria Latoya Shantel Taylor has a lot of names, and she apparently had enough of Rodney Wendell Taylor’s bitching during an April 17 argument over who was responsible for breaking her vibrator. She told police she “questioned” her husband about the busted toy and he flipped his shit by choking her and pointing a gun at her. He said it was her who pulled the gun on him after she woke him up screaming about her vibrator.

sex toy2

In the end, police chose Christerria’s version of events, but both she and her husband were arrested for domestic battery and aggravated assault with a “deadly weapon,” which might sound crazy on the surface but actually could have been quite accurate if the toy would have broken while it was inside either of them.

The craziest part of this story? You guessed it: the fact that TCPalm seriously had to explain to its readers that “a vibrator is a sex toy that vibrates.” I mean, yeah, no shit.

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