This Couple’s Selfie Is Freaking The Hell Out Of Everybody

There are plenty of documented cases of selfies gone wrong at this point in time, so if the internet is going to lose their mind over one these days, then you know it has to be because of some really freaky shit.

Of course, there is the legendary girl whose attempt at taking a sexy selfie went horribly wrong when she left a giant turd floating in the toilet behind her. Then there’s the dude who tried to take a selfie with an approaching train but instead got kicked in the head by the conductor who was having none of it.

And now there’s this guy claiming to be in love with his girlfriend even though she’s a Gemini. Yeah, I don’t think that’s the worst of your problems, buddy.

In case you missed it, the mirror behind her is supposed to be showing her backside instead of another image of her award-winning smile. Naturally, we’ll assume that it was Photoshopped, and everybody online is freaking out about it because they’re either extremely gullible or dumber than a box of shit.

Whatever the case might be, as long as there isn’t a GIF that follows tomorrow with her head rotating 360 degrees while she vomits green, we’ll just sit back and applaud the kid’s Photoshop game.

h/t BroBible

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