Today’s Funny Photos 4-28-17

Rounding up daily hilarious pictures can be grueling, especially when you’re expected to do it every day that ends in “y.” Fortunately, since it’s Friday, Saturday is technically classified as tomorrow, which ends in a “w,” so I get to take the day off while you enjoy–ugh, classic Funny Photos. Just kidding with that “ugh.” There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic funnies we post over the weekend on Facebook, but I needed the negative connotation to properly reference The Simpsons clip I linked to. Tough tits if you don’t get the joke. I can’t cater to every man, woman, and child reading this (but thank you if you are reading it, as I know everyone always does). All that said, I have absolutely no segue into the collection below, as none of this has anything to do with them. What can I say, if funny photo collecting is hard, then intros are harder. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

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Today’s Funny Photos 4-28-17

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