Finally, A USB That Won’t Make You Feel Dumb


The first patent for the USB was issued back in 1999 by an Israeli company. With the help of IBM, it was brought to market soon after. Ever since 1999, every human on Earth who has interacted with a USB has felt dumb by not plugging it in correctly the first time. Theoretically, a USB only has two possible ways to be plugged in, but that doesn’t stop me from having to try at least three times before I get it right.

Well, nearly 20 years later and a company has solved this problem. No longer will you feel like an idiot at the coffee shop!

Company Creates Dual-Sided USB Drive

dual usb

Photo: Dornob

It’s called The Flipper because it doesn’t matter which way you insert it. Which begs the question, why the hell did this take so long to come out?” It fits all standard “type A” USB ports and the website says the cost of The Flipper is competitive with other USB cables. Another question that comes to mind is, why don’t they start putting these in computers? That way all the cables you have, and devices that run on them, can be plugged in more efficiently. And while it’s nice science has stepped up to make non-savvy computer users look less dumb, they have a long, long way to go to make us not feel like idiots.

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