Kindergarten Teacher Hooks Up With Four High School Students — Including Threesome

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This lady kept busy, huh?

Another week, another bad teacher story, as the last one we talked about involved a teacher’s husband getting a student drunk so she could then hook up with the student. And this time around it involves a kindergarten teacher.

Heather Robertson, a 38-year-old Texas teacher is behind bars after she admitted to having sex with four, yes four, high school students. It kicked off recently when police received information that Robertson had possibly been sexually involved with several high school students. And after an investigation police discovered that Robertson began “chatting and sexting” on Snapchat with these students after spring break.

Police also discovered that Robertson invited one student to her place, and the boy came over with a friend. And well, Robertson hooked up with them both.

Kindergarten Teacher Hooks Up With Four High School Students

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The boys also told police that there were two other students who may have hooked up with Robertson, too. Oh, and Robertson admitted to not using a condom because “she could no longer have kids.” Alright then.

The boys involved kept spewing out information as they revealed that they would sneak out of their homes, and the teacher would pick them up and drive them to her apartment. This happened numerous times. Robertson is claiming she recently started drinking heavily and would sometimes forget the details of the encounters. Well that’s convenient.

Robertson resigned after she was arrested, and now could be put behind bars for up to 20 years if convicted on charges of having an improper relationship with students.

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