The Rolling Spider Will Haunt Your Dreams

Photo: imgur

The Moroccan Flic-Flac spider, or rolling spider, might be the scariest thing I’ve seen this week… and I had a colonoscopy. It should go without saying that any spider bigger than, let’s say, a quarter is going to be dealt with by one of my shoes, a book, or really anything that is within arms reach. But most spiders don’t have the ability to come at you at the speed this spider is traveling, which according to Wikipedia is 2 m/s. Just know, if I was ever faced with a rolling spider, I’m burning down my house and not rebuilding.

Take a look at this horror show.

The Rolling Spider Will Haunt Your Dreams


Luckily, the rolling spider is found in Morocco, so if you live in the states, you’re fine. And if you’re looking for some good news to take your mind off how horrific this creature is, know that its method of travel inspired space robots! Actually, I’m not sure robot spiders ease my mind at all. In fact, it seems worse somehow.

I’m no scientist, but this actually doesn’t seem like a terrible form of travel. Hell, if I could get away with rolling to places without being ostracized, I totally would. I mean, how long has it been since you’ve rolled down a hill with no regard for your clothing, or bodily harm? In that sense, maybe we should all be more like the rolling spider.

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