Texas Man Dies While Getting A Lap Dance

Photo: 1001nights (Getty)

The phrase “At least he died doing what he loved” gets thrown around way too often, as most of the time when it’s used, it’s untrue. For example, when a pilot dies on his plane, you’ll hear people say, “Well, at least he died doing what he loved,” but that’s bull shit. You see, he enjoyed inspecting his plane, taking off in it, landing it and then returning it to his hangar. He didn’t enjoy flying it into a mountain and exploding upon impact.

But a 67-year-old man in El Paso might finally qualify as somebody who died while doing something he loved.

You see, kids, according to KVIA, Robert Gene White died at the Red Parrot strip club while he was getting a lap dance Friday night.

Photo: AarStudio (Getty)

Photo: AarStudio (Getty)

Authorities have released few details other than that White was unresponsive when it came time to pay the dancers (yes, plural) for their services. Club employees tried their damnedest to revive him, but their efforts proved to be futile.

Emergency crews arrived on the scene and transported him to a nearby hospital, but it was no use. When it was all said and done, Robert Gene White had died of natural causes.

It’s unknown if the “women” who were dancing will use this to boost their sales. I mean, if you told me that a girl’s lap dance was so damn good that it literally killed a guy, I’d pay 20 bucks for one and probably go commando that night.

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