Little Girl Sends Hilarious And Savage Prank Letter To Her ‘Uncle Nemises’

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If a prank is ever pulled on you, you should probably expect that more often than not it will be pulled on you by a loved one. And that’s exactly what happened here.

Just like this three-year-old pranked her parents, the niece of Reddit user’s InfoSecPeezy decided to send him quite the hilarious prank letter. Now keep in mind that his niece is only nine-years-old, but she’s already well on her way to being a regular Bart Simpson.


Here’s what happened. This Reddit user decided to share a letter that his niece sent him in the mail. Remember that? Letters in the mail? Well, here’s what InfoSexPeezy had to say.

“Since my niece could write her name, we have been mailing each other letters. We have both been pretty busy and haven’t sent or received in a while, but just got this today and this kid cracks me up!”

Here’s the letter she sent him thanks to Reddit.

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

Here’s what the letter says in case your eyesight sucks like mine does:

“Dear Uncle Nemesis, Hi There! How are you doing? I am fabulous. I have earned ten dollars and I am going to buy spend it all on candy that I will stash in my room. Not much has happened, but I will keep you posted. I regret to inform you, that the last time I saw you, I could not deliver my booger, so, I will put it on the bottom of the page. [Booger included.] Sincerely, Abigail P.S. I farted in the envelope.”

Damn, this girl is a freaking savage. Not only did she originally intended to include a booger in the letter, but she decided to go with a fart instead. The girl mailed a freaking fart. Incredible.

But don’t worry, InfoSecPeezy already has a revenge plan, as he’s thinking of sending a hard boiled potato back with an invoice. I was thinking of telling her Santa isn’t real, but perhaps that might be a tad too cruel.

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