‘Drunk’ Florida Teacher Arrested For Making Teen Drive Her To Waffle House

Photo: Raymond Boyd (Getty)

Trash at its finest.

Yes, this occurred in Florida. And yes Terra Virgin is a teacher. But shockingly this story does not involve a teacher hooking up with a student. So that’s the good news. Unfortunately, the teacher in this story actually made a teen drive her to Waffle House because she was too trashed to drive. Well, at least she didn’t get behind the wheel.

The 32-year-old was arrested for child neglect after she allowed her boyfriend’s 14-year-old son drive her to a Waffle House because she was “too drunk.”

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“You can see perhaps what the thought process was,” Tampa Police Officer Steve Hegarty told WLFA. “Apparently, she had been doing some drinking, decided she wanted to go to Waffle House. Thought wisely that she was not in any kind of shape to drive, but getting a 14-year-old, who doesn’t have a license to drive, is not a good idea.”

So Virgin had the right idea. Sort of.

Virgin drank five beers, according to police, and when her and the teen were pulled over Virgin had an open beer in her lap.

No word yet if the math teacher will return to her job at Freedom High School in Orlando, and no word yet if she will be throwing a keg party for her students to wrap up the school year.

Virgin was released on $2,250 bail. But did she ever make it to Waffle House? We will never know.

h/t NY Post

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