Wendy’s Just Started A Brutal War With McDonald’s About Their ‘Fresh Beef’

Photo: Twitter/BigBofficial

Damn, Wendy, you’re cold.

In case you didn’t know, the person behind Wendy’s Twitter is pretty damn savage, and that is made clear by all these tweets. But this time around Wendy’s decided to aim their gun at one of their rivals: McDonald’s. Let us explain what happened.

It kicked off when McDonald’s tweeted to inform people that by “mid-2018 all Quarter Pounder burgers at the majority of” their restaurant locations “will be cooked with fresh beef.” So damn, what the hell have you been feeding people? Here’s the tweet below.

And here’s what that little redheaded firecracker had to say to this.

Holy hell. And Wendy’s wasn’t done.

And from there it kept going, as Wendy’s kept dropping burns on McDonald’s.

Damn. And here was just one reaction that probably summed up how everyone was feeling about this beef.

Pretty much. Oh, and McDonald’s haven’t responded.

Wendy’s has no mercy.


h/t Elite Daily

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