Ohio Woman Arrested After 9-Year-Old Kid Calls 911 To Report Her Snorting Heroin Behind The Wheel

Photo: baona (Getty)

A mother in Palo Alto ran onto a soccer field last month and performed CPR on her son after a soccer ball nailed him in the chest and induced a heart attack, keeping him alive until paramedics showed up with equipment to revive him.

This story from Ohio over the weekend is pretty much the exact opposite.

According to USA Today, a 41-year-old Batavia woman was charged with endangering children, operating a vehicle under the influence, refusal of a chemical test and possession of an open container after a nine-year-old boy in the backseat of the car called 911 to report her “snorting heroin behind the wheel.”

heroin user called on by kid

When police arrived on the scene, the boy who called authorities had already been moved to a nearby fire truck for safety. Who and what were still inside the vehicle when police arrived? You guessed it: Paula Smith and an open can of Bud Ice Light in the center console.

Smith is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center.

In a related story, Bud Ice Light was discontinued in 2010, so something else police might want to investigate is how in the hell she got her hands on a can in 2017.

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