Today’s Funny Photos 3-16-17

Well well well, look who comes crawling back. Just kidding, we’re obviously always thrilled to have our fans back to enjoy more of the most hilarious pics the interwebs have to offer. Why call them the interwebs? Well, for one, working for a website forces you to write the word “internet” a lot, so even a subtle change is welcome to break up the monotony a bit. Plus, it makes us sound kooky and fun, even if such a description is better fit to someone like your cool aunt than a men’s humor page. But mostly, webs are sticky, and you wind up getting wrapped up in them for far longer that you might think. Today’s funny photos will likely result in something similar.

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Today’s Funny Photos 3-16-17

funny photos 3-16-17

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Also: This Dude Just Thought Up Of The Dumbest Idea For How To Win A Lawsuit Against Walmart

6_funny_photos_3_16_17 7_funny_photos_3_16_17 funny photos 3-16-17 9_funny_photos_3_16_17


For the baby (or dog) lovers in all of us: Couple Does Newborn Baby Shoot With Their Dog Just To Shut Their Folks Up About Having Grandkids




14_funny_photos_3_16_17 funny photos 3-16-17

Folks like this are partially our fault. You don’t have to be able to read (or spell) to enjoy more funny photos.