The Week’s Funniest GIFs 3-16-17

Sure, our funny photos roundups are solid gold on the reg, but you can see those any old day of the week. Spice things up with another weekly round of the funniest GIFs from around the internet. We even caption them for you. How’s that for service?

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The Week’s Funniest GIFs 3-16-17

 gifs 3-16-17

Niccce Age.
There is such a thing as eating too much Wheaties.
He fell out of the boat. It doesn’t count. Not impressed.
Why’s he celebrating? There’s still one rock standing. Fake news.
gifs 3-16-17
Didn’t come true.
The cat clearly saw right through your little prank, seeing as how it’s Saran Wrap and all.
This cat simply knows what the audience wants.
gifs 3-16-17
And yet you chose not to delete the recording, so I choose to laugh.
The new Power Rangers reboot looks less impressive with each passing day.
That’s a lot of work to eat a Pringle, but you gotta give him style points.
What’s he going to do for an encore? Run his mom over with a truck?
gifs 3-16-17
We won’t even ask what he’d do with an encore.

Did we say encore enough yet? Good, because that segues perfectly into last week’s hilarious GIFs.