Not A Joke: Miami Lawyer’s Pants Catch On Fire During Arson Case

Photo: styf22 (Getty)

This actually happened, ladies and gentlemen.

Everyone and their mom knows that most lawyers are sleazy, and awful human beings. Well, unless they are on your side during a fast food lawsuit. But for the most part lawyers are terrible, and they only aim to get as much money as possible, regardless of what that takes. Even if they have to lie. Now we aren’t saying that lawyer Stephen Gutierrez was lying, but if he was it was pretty evident.

Gutierrez, a Miami defense lawyer, had to recently run out of the courtroom while he was giving closing statements in an arson case when his pants, and get this, burst into flames. Holy hell. The reason? Well, it seems like his e-cigarette batteries had exploded in his pocket.

Gutierrez was defending Claudy Charles, a man accused of intentionally setting his car on fire. Gutierrez was apparently telling the court that Charles’ car just combusted on its own when the lawyer’s pants caught fire. This is too perfect. And don’t worry, Gutierrez was OK.

“Shortly after beginning my argument, I noticed that my pocket began to feel hot,” Gutierrez told The Huffington Post. “When I checked my pocket, I noticed that the heat was coming from a small e-cigarette battery I had in my pocket. There were two or three in my pocket at the time.” While Gutierrez insists it wasn’t staged, the hot pants didn’t help, because Charles was sill convicted of second-degree arson.

If more lawyers pants went up in flames perhaps that would decrease the amount of lies they spew.

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