Woman Assaults Boyfriend After He Says Her Pasta Is Just ‘OK’

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Always give a woman’s food rave reviews. Always.

So there are women out there beating the hell out of guys for denying them sex (stabbing them, too) but the woman in this story was not very happy when her boyfriend simply said that the pasta she had made was just “OK.” Brutal.

The incident kicked off when Jason Martin told his 33-year-old girlfriend Jodi Ecklund that the pasta she had made him was “OK.” That was clearly not the review Ecklund wanted to hear because the the next thing Martin got was hit in the head, had his stuff thrown into the parking lot, and then Ecklund barricaded herself in their apartment.

woman attacks man over pasta

It doesn’t end there. This altercation led to an hours-long standoff after police were called to Ecklund and Martin’s apartment in Merrimack, New Hampshire. Hours long, folks.

Oh no, there’s more. Ecklund allegedly threatened to kill any officer who tried to get inside, even saying, “I got the safety off, you can come in now.” Wow. Police were even forced to evacuate the apartment building while they attempted to reason with her. Damn, lady, not even Chef Gordon Ramsay acts this way.

Ecklund did eventually surrender, and said, ” I have bipolar disorder.I’m not this monster.” Well, even after saying that, Ecklund is still facing charges of domestic violence, criminal mischief, criminal threatening, reckless conduct and simple assault.

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