School Sends Dad Letter About His Son’s Perverted (And Hilarious) Sense Of Humor

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Now this kid will grow up to write for SNL.

School is rough, just ask this girl who was looking quite miserable after her first day of school. But one way that a kid can get through school is by having quite an imagination. And English dad Paul Hunt has a son that has an active imagination — so much so that it actually concerned the school he attends.

Take a look at the letter that Paul received to better understand what we mean. Paul shared it on his Twitter, and you can take a look at it below.

Here’s what it says:

Dear [blank]

Although this is not a behavior letter as such, I am writing to inform you of something that has come to our attention and that you may wish to discuss further with [blank].

[Blank] and a few of his friends often make up characters, give them amusing names and then they have exciting adventures at playtimes. This in itself is an imaginative and creative pastime and causes no harm. However, it has come to our attention that one of the characters has the name ‘Wildo the Dildo’ and this has, I am sure you can understand, raised some concerns with us.

On further discussion, none of the children said they knew what it meant, but were aware that it was an inappropriate word to be using. One of the children said they picked up the word on the playground, so we will be following this up further and dealing with accordingly.

I hope you can appreciate the reason I am informing you of this matter and please do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to discuss it further.”

That’s right, ‘Wildo the Dildo.’ Holy hell, get that kid a gold star. And how the hell is Paul supposed to have a serious conversation with the lad about this? “Hey son, well done.”

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