Virginia Teacher Faces 20 Years Behind Bars For Seducing Student Online And Having Sex With Him

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Can somebody please find all of these teachers a better after-school activity? Please?

The other day we mentioned a story about a Texas teacher who had to pay a student $28,000 just so he could keep his mouth shut about their sexual relationship. And of course there was the Louisiana teacher who lost her job after hooking up with one of her students. The point is that there are a lot of teachers who continue to have sex with their pupils. And the lady below can be added to that list.

Amelia Tat, a former Virginia science teacher may be headed towards a 20-year prison sentence after admitting to seducing a 13-year-old student on Snapchat and Instagram, and then having sex with him. The 27-year-old agreed to a plea deal after confessing to two counts of carnal knowledge without force of a 13- to 15-year-old.

teacher seduces student

According to reports, Tat began falling for the teen in early 2015, letting him know how much she liked over over Instagram and Snapchat. And this continued on until one day Tat asked the teen to “to stay late and help her after class.” This of course led to the pair having sex. Tat and the student once again had sex at her house, and after one of his baseball games. Holy hell, people are awful.

Tat was only discovered after the boy’s mom found inappropriate messages from Tat on her son’s phone.

Tat will be sentence on May 1. And you folks can expect more stories about teachers doing this type of stuff to come out again and again, because it doesn’t seem to be slowing down.

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