Today’s Funny Photos 2-2-17

Remember back in the day when NBC’s comedy lineup was referred to as “Must See TV Thursday?” You know, when you actually stop and look back at it, there was Seinfeld, Friends, maybe Mad About You on occasion and Cheers. Beyond that, it wasn’t incredibly memorable as far as the shows that were placed around them. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that as long as there are a few gems, something as a collective whole will still be remembered as hilarious even if it wasn’t all home runs.

If it sounds like I’m setting up that today’s funny photos definitely have their high points, but there are also bound to be some turds in the punch bowl, then your assumption on the matter is absolutely…WRONG! These are the funniest photos of the day, everyday. They’re all hysterical; not a Caroline in the City in the bunch. So get ready for 15 slides of nonstop hilarity, because here at Mandatory, we never sell you short.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Just Shoot Me was also pretty solid.

Today’s Funny Photos 2-2-17

Speaking of pretty solid, we heard yesterday’s funny photos were getting rave reviews.

…OK, so the reviews weren’t great.