Florida Pastor Caught Sleeping With Dude’s Wife, Ends Up Running Away Naked

Photo: Peter Dazeley (Getty)

Something tells me the dude (or gal) up top doesn’t approve of this behavior.

Florida Pastor O. Jermaine Simmons decided to sleep with another man’s wife, as he was caught, and get this, by the woman’s husband, Benjamin Stephens, in his oldest daughter’s bed. Jesus. Simmons seems like an idiot, but he’s not totally stupid because the first thing he did when he was caught was get the hell out of there, as he ran out naked, jumped a fence and hid while he waited for police. Now the bravest guy, huh, father?

Stephens eventually ran outside looking for him with a handgun in hand — this after yelling “I’m gonna kill him.” Because that’s usually what you say when you catch your wife sleeping with another man.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

It didn’t end there, as according to a police report, Stephens grabbed a hold of Simmons’ clothes, car keys and other stuff he had left behind, but eventually agreed to return them to the pastor, as neither man ended up pressing charges on one another.

And because he’s a pastor, Simmons took the time to explain and admit what he had done wrong. Simmons even asks for everyone’s forgiveness at church, and the crowd responded by giving him a round of applause. Something tells that Stephens wasn’t there.

Unless he was waiting in the parking lot with a bat.

Check out this fake apology below.

I wonder if Simmons’ wife gave him a round of applause. Doubt it.

h/t NY Daily News

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