Today’s Funny Photos 1-31-17

It’s the last day of January, folks. And as expected it was filled with chaos and headaches and stress. But as we close the book on the first month of the new year, we get to start a new month tomorrow, and hopefully this is one month that the tide will begin to turn. Hey, we have to stay positive, right? It’s all we really have. Well, that and Funny Photos. So as usual, we need to keep trucking along, and laughing and trying our best to not drown in this puddle of poo. Hold on tight, folks, we’ll make it eventually. And until then, you lovely people can just enjoy more of our funnies, because we will make sure to bring these to you 365 days a year. And that’s a promise we can keep.

So kick back and enjoy yet another new batch of Funny Photos straight out the oven.

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Today’s Funny Photos 1-31-17

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And speaking of paying bills: That Idiot Who Broke His Feet During Failed Hotel Roof Jump Actually Wants You To Pay For His Medical Bills








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