Drunk Illinois Woman Tells Cop She Was Driving To ‘Sober Up’

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Well, when you put it that way.

People do some dumb thing while they are drunk. Things like running themselves over with their own truck, to shoving cables into their pee-hole. Which is why 25-year-old Katherine L. Muhlenbruc got behind the wheel of her car in order to “sober up.” At least that is what she told a cop.

Muhlenbruc was pulled over when she was spotted by a Riverside police officer crossing the center lane. When the cop went up to the window Muhlenbruc simply said she was returning from a bar and had done nothing wrong.

And that’s when she said that she was headed to a White Castle in order to “sober up.” Smooth move, pal.

Drunk Illinois Woman Tells Cop She Was Driving To ‘Sober Up’

driving to sober up

And to no one surprise, Muhlenbruc of course failed a roadside sobriety check and a breath test, as it was determined that her blood alcohol content was 0.115, nearly two times the legal limit.

Muhlenbruc also told the cop she would have sobered up eventually if she had continued to drive and had not been pulled over. Hey, anything for White Castle.

She was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, as well as driving without insurance, improper lane usage and driving in the wrong lane, according to police. And yet, she still hasn’t gotten her sliders.

Via Chicago Sun Times

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