Today’s Funny Photos 1-30-17

There are a lot of folks feeling uneasy these days, as the turning over of a new year — especially every four years — brings uncertainty along with it. There are a couple of different things you can do at this point: curl into the fetal position and suck your thumb, or laugh it off and try to keep a positive outlook. While every Monday likely has you doing the former once your alarm goes off and you’re faced with the harsh reality of another workweek, we’d highly recommend the latter. In fact, we basically encourage it with our daily funnies roundup.

So what are you waiting for? An invitation? Fine, we’ll give you one if it’ll get you out of the ball you are currently rolled up in. Today’s funny photos are the best this week has to offer (mostly because they are the first in a new week, but still). So prepare your sides to make like my pants.

P.S. If it seems like we didn’t finish that last joke, you are likely not a The Simpsons fan and we very much pity you.

Today’s Funny Photos 1-30-17

funny photos 1-30-17









Speaking of asses, the funniest GIFs of the week are full of them.

funny photos 1-30-17









George W. Bush is also a swell painter.

funny photos 1-30-17









If you were planning on getting back to work now, don’t bother. Plenty more Funny Photos where these came from, starting with last week’s.