Mississippi Woman Arrested After Wiping Her Blood On Customer’s Cheeseburger

Photo: Barry Yee (Getty)

On second thought, I’ll just have a salad.

According to The Smoking Gun, 18-year-old Sky Juliett Samuel is in deep shit after she allegedly “licked and wiped her blood on a cheeseburger before serving it to a drive-thru customer around 10:30 PM on January 7” at Jack’s Restaurant in Columbus, Mississippi.

The reason Samuel decided wipe her blood on the female customer’s burger? You guessed it: She “had difficulty taking the female patron’s order and subsequently exchanged words with the woman,” and this was her way of getting the best of the situation.

Mississippi Woman Arrested After Wiping Her Blood On Customer’s Cheeseburger

woman wipes blood on burger

Oh, and the blood? Yup, it was menstrual.

Sadly, it wasn’t until another Jack’s worker told her mother that she saw Samuel “place saliva and menstrual blood” on the burger that the customer became aware of it. After hearing the story, the worker’s mother, Tabitha Hollins, jumped on her Facebook page in hopes of alerting the victim.

“There is a poor woman walking around not knowing anything,” Hollins posted on January 13. “If u went to Jack’s between 10:00pm and 10:30pm on 1/7/2017 and u order the big jack with a sprite u got more then ketchup!!!”

And that’s gross.

Samuel was arrested last Monday for “knowingly selling unwholesome bread or drink,” and she could get up to five years in the clink if she’s convicted.

And yet somehow this is more gross than the woman who threw a used tampon at a cop.

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