People Are Revealing How Fake They Are At Job Interviews VS. How They Are Once They Are Employed And It’s Perfect

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt (Getty)

There is of course a certain way someone should act when you’re at a job interview. For starters, you should probably not attempt to rob the place during a job interview like this dude did, and you should probably not steal the company president’s wallet at the same place you’re trying to land a job. But that’s logic. You should also dress the part, pretend you can do everything your resume claims you can do, and also be prepared to act like you’re super enthused. That usually is enough.

Well, it seems like the people below did just that, but it was an entirely different story once they got the job. And let’s just say that it is quite hilarious. Take a look at all the tweets of people that just had to confess how things were during a job interview, and how things were once they were safely employed.

Check them out and enjoy.

h/t Distractify

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