That A-Hole Richard Spencer Got Punched Again And Twitter Can’t Stop Laughing

Photo: Twitter

It’s not that difficult to laugh at this one, folks. Actually, it’s extremely easy.

As fun as it was watching Martin Shkreli get hit in the face with poop, it was even more fun not only watching neo-Nazi Richard Spencer get punched in the face on live TV, but then having Twitter roast him after he tried to call out Aziz Ansari. And as much fun as this all was, it looks as if Spencer got punched yet again. Brilliant.

The image below, tweeted out by this Twitter user, shows a fist connecting with Spencer’s useless face. Now it looks like Spencer is wearing the same clothes from when his face connected with a fist the first time, so it’s entirely possible he got punched twice in the same day. Which makes this even more hilarious.

Check out the image below.

Here’s a closer look and this gem.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

And of course, Twitter got to work, as it can’t stop laughing at this tool.

Everyone can enjoy this.

h/t The Fader

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