25 Wax Figures of Your Favorite Actors That Will Completely Creep You Out

Photo: Getty

It goes without saying that you’d love to meet your favorite actors, hard as it may be, even if it means staring into the lifeless, wax eyes of their scarcely lifelike faux figurines. Since it’s no easy errand to run into the likes of Johnny Depp or Tom Cruise at your local Whole Foods, though we trust pirates and Scientologists are both badass vegans, we are instead blessed with these very intricate wax figures, which, if not properly conceived, will completely creep you out.

With 25 of your favorite actors, along with Nic Cage and his terrible hair styles, and some of the hottest actresses around, like Jennifer Lopez, get a good look at some wax lips and fake honkers while you can. Their creepy wax-on doppelgängers will not only make you want to melt them down, it’ll give you nightmares and make you regret ever walking into another wax museum again. But more than anything, these weird photos of famous actors will make you rethink ever wanting to be a celebrity yourself. Let’s see if you can sit through the entirety of the Oscars after looking at this!

Wax Figures of Our Favorite Actors That Completely Creep Us Out

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