Today’s Funny Photos 1-26-17

We’re over that hump once again, and now it’s Thursday and we’re getting ourselves pumped up because tomorrow is Friday. And guess what? We are one week into Trump’s presidency and we are still alive. Only 207 more weeks to go, folks. We can do this. Let’s take it one day at a time and try to survive. I know, close to impossible, but I believe in us. Well, not really, but you have to stay positive, right? And speaking of positive things, it’s is time again to take a look at yet another fresh batch of Funny Photos. These are straight out of the oven, and taste better than anything your grandma ever made for you. Sorry, granny.

So let’s bury ourselves into our chair, relax our bones and let’s get this laugh-fest started.

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Today’s Funny Photos 1-26-17

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Maybe a tad overdramatic: Pennsylvania Man Bites Wife’s Face For Not Leaving His Sour Cream & Onion Chips Alone







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