Florida Woman Arrested After Hitting Police Officer With Her Used Tampon

Photo: gbrundin (Getty)

If you’re looking for a hump day story that’s almost as disturbing as one that contains the words “President Donald Trump,” then hot damn, you’re in for a real treat here.

According to The Smoking Gun, a 28-year-old St. Petersburg woman was arrested and charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer “by use of a deadly weapon” Monday night.

The deadly weapon Tecora Fields is accused of using during her assault on the officer? You guessed it: Her “wet” used tampon.

woman throws tampon at cop

Police said after Fields became involved in a brawl, Officer Andre Sousa drew the short straw and was forced to investigate. When Officer Sousa arrived on the scene, Fields didn’t take too kindly to his presence, and we know this because she told him to “suck her pussy.” And if that didn’t get across how she felt about him being there, the fact that she then yelled, “I’ll hit you with my tampon, you bitch!” definitely did the trick.

Well, it turns out that Fields was actually serious about the tampon throw, as she “was then seen with both her hands in her genital area, with her pants open.” Fields then removed her wet tampon and gave it her best Joe Montana impression as she hurled the thing toward Sousa’s mouth.

Thankfully for Sousa, Fields throws more like Mark Sanchez and hit him on the shoulder with it instead. She was eventually tased and thrown in the clink. No word if she was given another “deadly weapon” to soak things up while she waited to be released or if she was forced to walk around with one hell of an icebreaker.

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