Ex-AIG Employee Suing Because The Guys Would ‘Lick Her’ And ‘Hide Under Her Desk’

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If thought the NYC woman suing Zara over a dead mouse sewn into her dress was bizarre, or if thought the lady who sued her grandson for breaking her wrist during a hug was quite out there, get ready to read about this lawsuit.

Marlee Valenti, a former AIG underwriter is suing the insurance company and her ex-boss. And why is she suing? Well Valenti is claiming the company perpetuated a “boys club” atmosphere — which included, and get this, male employees hiding under women’s desks to look up their skirts, as well as licking female employees. What the hell?

Photo: Dan Kitwood (Getty)

Photo: Dan Kitwood (Getty)

Valenti filed a lawsuit on Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court, and claims she was the subject to a “never-ending stream” of harassment from ten men under the supervision of AIG Vice President Michael Donnelly.

The suit reads, “Male employees would sneak under the desks of female employees in order to look up their skirts.” It also says that Valenti and other women in the office were “groped, licked or forced to endure other forms of harassment” from male colleagues.

Valenti says she was fired after she complained about the harassment.

Hey, I saw Wolf of Wall Street, so I know that there are similar (maybe to a less degree) work environments out there, so there is no reason not to believe Valenti. Also, I’m usually so busy at work I barely have time for lunch, but these dudes are finding the time to lick women. Let’s just hope these dudes get tossed so they never have to lick anyone or anything again.

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