Texas Man Loves The New President So Much He Got ‘Trump’ Tattooed On His Neck

Photo: Spencer Platt (Getty)

Listen, regardless if you support Donald Trump or not, I think we can at least all agree that getting a tattoo of his name on your neck is one of the dumbest things you can do. Well, the guy in this story obviously didn’t think it was very dumb because he went ahead and did it.

So if you thought the dude who got a tattoo of Mia Khalifa’s face wasn’t the sharpest tool, or if you thought the gal who wanted a “Lock her up” ass tattoo was an airhead, wait until you meet Goober Williamson. Yes, Goober Williamson.

You see Goober didn’t just go on Twitter and annoy everyone like the majority of Trump supporters, no. Goober went ahead and got a tattoo to show his love for the orange fellow. Let’s first take a look at Goober’s tattoo below.

Now let’s read about Goober’s explanation:

“If I put the sign out in my front yard, they’re going to vandalize my house. If I put a sticker on my truck, they’re going to screw up my truck. Well, come vandalize me, that’s all I got.

Oh no, there’s more.

“He’s not the most politically correct person, but I’m not the most etiquette. I’m as thrown off as can be. Right is right, wrong is wrong. If it ain’t right, make it right,” said Williamson. “I didn’t get named Goober because I was the smartest one, but to each is their own.”

Yes, Goober, we know you aren’t the smartest one. That is very, very clear.

Photo: ViaFox29

Photo: ViaFox29

Don’t worry, folks. Goober has more to say about his love for the Donald.

“I fell in love with Trump since day one,” said Goober. “It’s hard to look in my eyes without seeing it.” Holy hell.

And if you’re worried about the type of president Trump is going to be, it’s OK, because Goober knows.

“Mark my word, he’s going to be the best president we’ve ever had.”

And I will just let you ponder that.

Via Fox 29

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