Dude Uses Pizza Order To Teach Indecisive Girlfriend A Lesson

Photo: Vincent Besnault (Getty)

The most difficult thing that occurs during relationship is figuring out a place that you both want to eat at. OK, that is probably not the most difficult thing, but it sure as hell feels like it most of the time when you find yourself starving and your partner just can’t decide just what they want to eat. Well, the guy below had enough, and he decided to teach his gal a lesson in the most hilarious way.

Pizza has come to the rescue once again, folks, because while this girl used nothing but puns in her pizza order to apologize to her guy, this guy used his pizza order to make a point. Check out what this Reddit user did when he had finally had enough of his girlfriend not being able to make up her mind when it came to what they should eat.

Take a look at this masterpiece.

Photo: Reddit

Photo: Reddit

It reads: Please send me an extra empty box that has “whatever” written in big letters in it because that’s what my girlfriend said she wants

Well, hopefully she finds the humor in this, because if she doesn’t…


h/t Someecards

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