16 Kids Who Tried To Give Themselves A Haircut And Failed

Photo: ullstein bild (Getty)

As smart and creative as kids can be most of them time, there are times when kids are just total idiots. And that’s OK, because it’s part of growing up. Hell, some people never stop being idiots. Just look at our society and that will become clear pretty quickly. Since kids are also curious, they sometimes need to try things out. Let’s just say that the little kids below happened to stumble upon a scissor or a trimmer and tried it on their hair. Just as you imagined, it did not go well.

While we already know what occurs when you give kids markers, this is what occurs when they get their little hands on a various hair trimmers.

Check out the hilarity below!

16 Kids Who Tried To Give Themselves A Haircut And Failed

As you can tell, most of these kids completely regretted their decision to take a pair of scissors to their hair. Yet, they had the same reaction anytime I get a bad haircut: just cry and cry until someone feels bad enough for you to buy you something.

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