Look How This Dude Used Snapchat To Convince His Girlfriend He Was In Bed And Not At A Bar

Photo: drbimages (Getty)

Snapchat has been a quite the success since it was introduced into our society. Now folks use to share hilarious photos with everyone, and some celebs use it sometimes to share naughty photos. But one dude decided to use Snapchat in order to convince his girlfriend he was actually tucked in bed and not at a bar.

Let’s take a look at how a dude named James faked out his girlfriend. This is the original snap that he sent his girlfriend.

guy pretends to be in bed1

Photo: Snapchat/Pippareillyy

Yep, seems like he’s in bed. But look at what James was actually doing.

guy pretends to be in bed2

Photo: Snapchat/Pippareillyy

Sure, this is pretty messed up, but then again it’s pretty hilarious. James’ stunt has gone viral after he shared it on his Twitter.

But while some people found this funny, others did not.

Well, let’s try our best to be honest to our partners. Unless you can do something hilarious that will give you a few minutes of internet fame. Because that’s what everyone is after these days.

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