Female Cop Busted Stealing And Posting Nudes Of Another Female Cop

Photo: d3sign (Getty)

Well, something tells me they won’t be partners anytime soon.

It seems like the Florida woman who crashed her car while topless should be glad she wasn’t around the cop in this story, because she might have taken pics of her goods. What do we mean? Well according to AJC, a Georgia cop named Audrey Francisquin has been arrested and is facing charges after posting nude photos of another female cop to Snapchat and Instagram.

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The 24-year-old suspect was arrested after the victim, another female cop, told police that someone had accessed her social media accounts. According to a police report released, the victim received messages from Francisquin saying things like “you’re going to learn.” The victim only learned her nudes were up for all to see after some friends informed her.

“(The victim) is unaware of where this behavior came from and says she talked to this (woman) several days prior and everything was okay,” the police report said.

Apparently Francisquin found a way to download all of the victim’s nudes from her phone. Not cool, copper.

Francisquin faces charges of computer trespassing, explicit transmissions and invasion of privacy by computer. She is currently on administrative leave pending the investigation.

 And that’s the story of how these two cops stopped being friends. I’m assuming.