So This Hot Louisiana Teacher Got Involved With A Student And Then Lost Her Job

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Is the problem here that these teachers just can’t find anyone their age? Because they can get on Tinder and have about 100 matches in an hour.

So recently we told you about a New Jersey teacher who had her teaching license revoked after it was discovered that she was sexting a student, and we also told you folks about a California teacher who had oral sex with a student and sent him nude photos. And now this time around we need to tell you about a hot 23-year-old teacher named Skylar Russell.

Skylar Russell: Full Story Of False River Academy Teacher

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Russell, a teacher at False River Academy teacher, has been fired after she turned herself in into the New Roads Police Department. Russell is being charged with attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile. Just when in the hell does that mean? Well New Roads Police Chief Kevin McDonald said investigators received a complaint this week of two suspicious vehicles in a parking lot. According to McDonald, Russell and an unnamed student at the False River Academy had been together in one of the cars when the officers arrived,

And that’s why Russell was charged with attempted carnal knowledge of a juvenile.

teacher caught in sex scandal

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Hell, they could have been talking about politics or about who Drake is dating, but regardless, Russell was issued a misdemeanor summons for the charge. McDonalds does state that charges may be upgraded, as investigators are going through Russell’s phone, as well as the phone of the student.

But don’t worry, Russell, this is what McDonald had to say: “We were able to determine that there was no sexual conduct between the two.

So nothing happened because either they were stopped before anything could progress, or this happened to the student:

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