Girl Mentions Wanting To Become A Stripper, Mom Trolls Her The Only Way A Concerned Mom Should Troll

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The dad who trolls all of his daughter’s selfies isn’t the only parent trolling their kid, because the mom in this story had a few tricks up her Kohls’ sleeves, too.

While this isn’t the same mom who baked an apology cake after accusing her daughter of taking all the drugs, this is one mom that was concerned about her daughter’s future. University of Arizona student Aissa Sencion recently joked to her mom that she wanted to drop out of college and pursue a career as a stripper. You know, some strippers make more than any college graduate will ever make.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

But of course, Aissa’s mom took this seriously, so she dropped some mom reality on her daughter. Take a look at what Aissa’s mom did by taking a look at a tweet from Aissa’s Twitter.

Yep, here’s a closer look at the note Aissa’s mom wrote:

mom trolls stripper daughter2

Photo: Twitter

“I thought this would be a great first outfit for the start of your wonderful career :)” the note reads.

And this is the outfit she left on her daughter’s bed.

mom trolls stripper daughter3

Photo: Twitter

If only mom knew that her daughter would be debt free if she took this career road. Sure, she would smell like garbage every night, but she would have a lot more money than what I currently have. And I currently have nothing.

And I think this tweet pretty much sums it up:

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