61-Year-Old Woman Punches Husband In The Face Twice For Refusing Sex

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While it seems sometimes that women fake a headache in order to get out of having sex with their partner, there are women out there that will literally injure their partner simply because they have rejected sex from them. And that’s why this Florida woman beat the hell out of her boyfriend after he said no to sex, and why a woman attacked her husband with nunchucks (yes, nunchucks) after he said no to sex. And now you have another one of those women below.

Kerry Lee Pineiro, a 61-year-old woman from, you guessed it: Florida, was arrested for domestic battery after she not only punched her husband in the face twice, but also kneed him in the groin twice, too. And why did she do all this? Because he rejected her sexual advances.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook

Pineiro seemed to get very upset after her husband wouldn’t have sex with her. And who wouldn’t? I mean, how can you say no to that woman in the pinkish one-piece, next to a flamingo.?

After punching her husband in the eye, Pineiro hit him in the groin when her husband tried to keep her from driving away. Pineiro also kneed him in the thigh.

When questioned by a cop, Pineiro simply said she had “zero story” and just wanted to go to jail. She also denied hitting her husband. Well, there are plenty of chances for sex in jail.

Pineiro spent the night in jail before a judge released her. Pineiro will now have to wear a “continuous alcohol monitor” during the duration of her criminal case.

In conclusion, never trust a woman who is so fond of flamingos.

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