College Girl Asks Dude For Notes And Of Course She Gets The Most Awkward And Creepy Response

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Here’s more proof that the majority of guys are total idiots when it comes to texting.

It seems like guys are incapable of texting without coming across like odd pervy tools, as we’ve seen it before when a text conversation became awkward super quickly after one message failed to send, and then we saw it again when this poor girl got the most unexpected question after a dude bought her a drink. And now we have this bizarre gem below.

Texas A&M student Sav Gibson just wanted a PDF file that was handed out in one of her classes, so she just reached out to a fellow classmate. Seems harmless enough because it is. Well, the dude she asked apparently thought she was asking for something else completely different because this is the response he gave her.


Photo: Twitter



Photo: Twitter

What the hell just happened? “Got me feelin like a pervert over here god damn” is the most cringeworthy line I’ve heard recently. And perhaps one I’ve used. Maybe. Who knows.

It doesn’t end there. Gibson shared it on her Twitter where it instantly blew up, so naturally the dude saw it on the internet and had this to say.

Well, I think we can wrap this one with a tweet from a Twitter user.

Yep, well said.

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