Guy Loses His Freaking Mind After Wife Pranks Him By Telling Him She’s ‘Adopted’ A Coyote

Photo: Facebook/Kayla Eby

Ah, the beauty of marriage.

Everyone loves a good prank. Well, everyone except the idiot who tried to scare a dude while wearing a clown costume and got knocked out. And probably everyone except the girl whose boyfriend pranked her, and now he’s probably sleeping on the couch. OK, everyone except those two. Well, and except the dude below whose wife played the most hilarious prank on him.

An Oregon woman named Kayla Eby thought it would be a fantastic idea to text her husband, Justin and inform him that she had just brought in a “dog” from the street. The only problem was that that “dog” was in fact a coyote. Oh, and it was all photoshopped. But Kayla’s husband didn’t know that at all.

Here’s what happened.


Let’s just say that Justin wasn’t very happy:


And then Kayla wanted to “keep” it.


In the spirit of Christmas.


And here comes the freakout.


And here comes more Photoshop magic.


Not the first time Kayla came home with “pets.”


Justin goes more mad.


So Kayla continues the “assault” on his poor mind.


Because Kayla needed one more freakout.


The final touch.


Well done, Kayla.


Kayla shared this convo on Facebook where it got over 79,000 shares already, proving that you only need to give your spouse a heart attack in order to go viral.

Completely worth it.

(Screenshots via Facebook)

h/t Metro

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