Oregon Dude Gets Arrested, Takes Mugshot With Pet Parrot On Shoulder

Photo: Frank Gaglione (Getty)

And that is one headline that I will probably never write again. And for that, this dude deserves to be rewarded, not thrown in jail.

We’ve seen some bizarre mugshots lately. Take for example the dude who took a mugshot with permanent marker all over his face. And don’t forget the California man who terrorized his neighbors with an airhorn, and then took the most ridiculous mugshot. But those two have nothing on the dude below.

Craig Buckner, a 38-year-old dude from Oregon was arrested for violating release terms in connection with multiple misdemeanor theft cases. So of course he was put behind bars. But that isn’t the crazy part about all this. Before being sent to jail Buckner actually showed up at the courthouse with his four-year-old red parrot on his shoulder – a parrot he put on a tree before entering the courthouse.

So look at this awesome mugshot.

Oregon Dude Gets Arrested, Takes Mugshot With Pet Parrot On Shoulder



A court deputy, after learning about Buckner’s pet parrot, actually went out to the tree to get the parrot, as he was concerned for the parrot’s safety. What a deputy. What a guy.

An don’t worry, one of Buckner’s friends picked up the parrot and will be taking care of it until Buckner can post $10,000 bond.

Via The Smoking Gun

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