You’re Going To Want To Swipe Right On This Tinder Girl Immediately

Photo: Klaus Mellenthin (Getty)

Just yesterday we told you rad folks about a girl on Tinder who was very open to handling quite a bit of fun, and while this pickup line on Tinder might have helped this dude get laid (probably), something tells us you are going to almost break your finger swiping right for this very eager girl on Tinder. Yep, we are very, very sure of that. Now go ahead and find out why.

The curly-haired gal below dropped a little love poem in her bio to ensure that dudes (and ladies) won’t hesitate at all when swiping “yes” for her. Check it out below thanks to Reddit:

You’re Going To Want To Swipe Right On This Tinder Girl Immediately 


How in the hell can you say no to this gal? You can’t. Not only is she reeling you in with a romantic poem, but she’s even letting you know what she digs while she’s treating you. What a gal. What a smirk. What a day.

And sure, we are still gross dudes, but at least we can appreciate this gem. And you should, too.

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