New York Woman Finds Rat Head In Her Popeye’s Chicken Meal

That’s pretty much the exact opposite of finding a prize in your box of Cracker Jack’s.

According to The Huffington Post, of all the fine dining establishments in the Greater New York City Metropolitan Area, a Clifton Park woman recently decided to grab a bite to eat with her family at a Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen joint in Harlem.

Rosemary Thomas said she was none too pleased with her dining experience at the “restaurant,” but it had nothing to do with the service, cleanliness of the place or the fact that they didn’t have Diet Mountain Dew on the menu. So then what exactly had Rosemary’s panties in a bunch after a Sunday afternoon meal at the Popeye’s located at 2730 Frederick Douglass Boulevard?

Well, you guessed it: A fried rat head trying to be passed off as chicken:

New York Woman Finds Rat Head In Her Popeye’s Chicken Meal

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Let’s take a closer look at that thing:

Rat head

A Popeye’s spokesperson said that the rat head is most likely chicken organ meat, which we could totally see being the case, especially if chicken organs these days have eyes and snouts.