Weird News: Thailand Man Gets Penis Bitten By 11-Foot Python While Sitting On The Toilet (Graphic Photos)

If you’re not safe on your toilet, where can you be safe?

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay, a 38-year-old from Chachoengsao, was hanging and having a super awesome day in his home when the thing no one ever expects to happen actually occurred: a python from the depths of hell reached up from the toilet and bit his junk.

Atthaporn screamed for his wife, all while losing tons of blood, as he finally got the snake off of his penis. He even managed to tie the snake to his bathroom door before eventually collapsing on the floor. Atthaporn is OK and in stable condition in the hospital.

And for the snake? Well, an emergency crew was able to free the python from the toilet using hammers, and it was actually released back into the wild where it can live out its days thinking about the good old days biting stranger’s penises.

Check out video below of crew handling the snake:

h/t Daily Mail

(Pictures via Bangpakong News Facebook)

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