Guy Finds Massive Rat Stuck In Hotel Toilet

When rodents aren’t hanging out in sandwiches or fighting pigeons, they are apparently climbing up toilets to convince you that you should just buy a bucket and never shit in a toilet again, which is what the guy in this story is probably going to do now.

A man is claiming that his uncle was being bothered by a scratching noise he kept hearing coming from the bathroom inside the hotel room he was staying in. So instead of assuming it was a ghost and conducting a seance like any normal person would do, his uncle decided to check it out…and this is what he found.

Prepare to never use your toilet again…

Guy Finds Massive Rat Stuck In Hotel Toilet

Massive Rat Found In Hotel Toilet

So first hotels stop leaving mints on the pillows, and now we have to deal with mutant rants crawling up the toilets. What else can go wrong? All we want to do is stay at a hotel with minimal bedbugs. That’s all. Is that too much to ask of hotels? Is it?

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And this is how that jerk did it: Watch How Easily A Rat Can Go Up Your Toilet And Then Never Go To The Bathroom Again