Florida Woman Periscoping Herself Drunk Driving Gets DUI

Who saw that coming, huh? When 23-year-old Whitney Beall of Lakeland, Florida, decided to take to the social media app Periscope and document her drunk-driving adventure home last Saturday night, things went … well, pretty much like you would expect them to. After several of Beall’s friends saw her stream, they decided it was best to do the responsible thing and call the police.

Florida Woman Periscoping Herself Drunk Driving Gets DUI

While Beall didn’t specifically mention her location in her videos, Lakeland police acted quickly by having one of their officers download Periscope and make his own account in order to use visual landmarks from her stream to track her location and take her in.

After failing her sobriety test and refusing a breathalyzer, Beall was arrested by Officer Mike Kellner and charged with DUI. After which, she was transported to Polk County Jail to think about what she’d done. Or, you know, sleep it off in hopes it was all a very stupid dream.

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