Woman Thinks She ‘Teleported’ After Forklift Moves Port-A-Potty She Was In

Photo: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images

She would have avoided this whole debacle if she just used the restroom before leaving like her mom told her to.

An unnamed woman received a scare after she decided to use a port-a-potty at the Newlyn Fish Festival in Cornwall, U.K. Aside from the normal horrors of using a port-a-potty, the woman was picked up by a forklift that had no idea she was in there and transferred her to another location.

The woman opened the door to discover she was in a completely different spot at the festival, leading her to believe she had teleported.

where am I?

“She got in the loo, and then it was picked up and taken to the other side of the harbor with her in it,” Rob Parsons, harbormaster at Newlyn, explains. “I think she was suffering from a bit of shock or she thought she had teleported across to the other side of the harbor.”

The woman was not injured but was said to be shocked and … relieved.


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