Couple Caught Having Sex On Beach (Not The Drink)

Man, it seems people having sex in public is becoming more and more mainstream. First it was the young Chinese couple caught having sex in a busy street and then it was the three horny folks being caught in a threesome at the Calgary Stampede. Well, the Brits are getting into the action as well as a couple was caught getting down on the beach.

The video above shows the couple who couldn’t wait till they got home having sex along the Martello Beach in Clacton, Essex in broad daylight. The man who filmed the grainy footage said their were families walking near the couple.

“Some people stopped and chatted to them. I have a photo of a group chatting with them.”

Well, it would have been rude for people not to converse with them.

The couple was caught having sex at around 7pm. And while their identity is unknown, the horny couple is believed to be British. The woman in the video also has a bulldog tattoo on her back, which is exactly the type of tattoo someone having sex on the beach would have.

Via The Sun