Veteran Returns Home To Find Wife Cheating On Him, Catches It On Film

If your husband is out there risking his life to try and protect your rights, you probably shouldn’t go messing around with other guys, and you probably should be aware of the fact that he could come home early at any time. Well, for the wife below, she didn’t take any of this into consideration as she was caught with someone who is obviously not her husband.

The husband, 25-year-old Brian May from Kailua, Hawaii, has filed for divorce and has even started a Go Fund Me page in order to pay for it. His wife is also a Marine, and after Brian informed her that “adultery” is against the military code, his wife began to attack him.

The couple also has a 3-year-old daughter who was apparently not being looked after as well by Brian’s wife because she was too busy getting it on with her lover.

There are no winners in this bout, folks.

There were no winners here either: Wife caught cheating at a baseball game.