Idiot Throwing Beer Bottles Into A Crowd Of People Gets Knocked The Hell Out (NSFW Language)

You can make two safe assumptions about Cheyenne’s Frontier Days.

For starters, it sounds like a festival where guys accidentally impregnate their high school sweethearts on a regular basis. But it also sounds like the kind of place where people don’t wait for the cops to show up when justice needs to be served.

It might take months of research to back up our first assumption, but this video should pretty much do the trick for number two.

Like a boss.

Not only did our hero prevent this idiot from hurting other innocent fairgoers with flying beer bottles, but did you see how smoothly he left the scene?

This wasn’t your usual Jersey Shore throwdown where one guy throws a punch and then runs off like he’s being chased by bees. This guy just did his job and then casually walked away while others checked on the well-being of the bottle chucker for some reason.

Also, we’ll give you extra credit if you can tell us what in the hell the bro in the beginning was attempting to lasso.

h/t BroBible

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