It’s Quite Possible This Wife Was Just Busted For Cheating At A Baseball Game

Cheating on people has been on the news a lot recently. First we have the Ashley Madison debacle, and now we have a woman who was caught texting her lover while sitting right beside her husband at a an Atlanta Braves baseball game. So stealth.

News, Funny, Woman Caught Cheating At Ballgame

Two teenaged girls were also at the game, when all of a sudden something a tad more entertaining began happening right in front of them: A woman started sexting with a man all while sitting next to her husband. The two girls then proceeded to do the logical thing and share it on social media.

One of the girls also decided to write out a little note to the unsuspecting husband (which you can see above) informing him of his wife’s wrongdoings, and even leaving her number so that he can reach out to her for the incriminating pictures.

The lady tried to be clever by having the contact name as “Nancy,” but then called the person “Mark Allen,” and mentioned something about being “naked” and “laying on the ground.” Damn, lady. That’s hardcore.

cheating wife braves game, mark allen nancy

News, Funny, Woman Caught Cheating At Ballgame

I guess this is a nice case of karma. Oh no, not for cheating, but for wearing a visor.

If you’re wondering if this story is fake or not, so are we. However, here’s another instance last year of a woman being caught red handed at a sports event that proved to be true. I guess sports events make women all hot and bothered.

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